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About Pilates

Jessica’s background as a circus artist inspires her to create fun, full body workouts designed for all levels of fitness. With an extra focus on using proper technique everyone benefits from Jessica’s classes. Whether it be in a Pilates class or her more movement based barre classes.

Pilates Barre

Barre is a hybrid workout class - combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance and strength training to upbeat music.

With a new program each week, this class is designed as a full body workout that will build your fitness, coordination, strength and flexibility.

Jessica initially discovered Pilates as a teenager in Perth. Over the next decade it continued to play an important role in balancing out her physical training as a circus artist.

She became a Pilates instructor in 2014, through Studio Pilates, and then a Barre instructor in 2018, broadening her perspective on movement and incorporating music and fun into her workouts.

Jessica teaches with a focus on proper core activation, strengthening postural muscles and co-ordination.

Jessica has qualifications and experience teaching:

Pilates Mat, Reformer, Pre and postnatal Pilates and Barre

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