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Custom Trapezes

Our trapezes are generally made with either 4-strand twisted cotton ropes with a dyneema core; or Corde Lisse style ropes (dyneema core, wool yarn for padding all held tightly inside a cotton sheath)

The customisable options are:

- Rope diameter and lengths (I default to 24mm, 2500mm long)

- Length of bar, with or without extensions

- Height of padding elbows (I default to 350mm)

- Solid or hollow stainless steel bar

- White or black in the 4 strand twisted ropes Or dyed any colour you'd like in the corde lisse style ropes.

- Colour tape wrapped bar (or powder coated in selected colour)

- Colour and fabric of elbow padding (I default to black suede but also work with faux suede, fabric and leather)

- Single, double, triple trapeze

Other Equipment

I can make an assortment of apparatuses, but if I can't fabricate what you need, I'll do my best to refer you to someone that can.

Some ideas:

- A rope for cerceau / lyra / aerial ring

- Corde Lisse

- Rigging setups for new or old spaces

- Referral to other specialists or engineers

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